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Science news -

My paper published by the Journal of Modern and Applied Physics analyses electron-spin-resonance data obtained in 1997, where evidence
of the perturbation of a magnetic field by laser photons was observed.

My recent paper shows that the tanning pigment melanin is not always a completely
effective screen against (UVA in) sunlight damage to skin cells.

From 2004 2013 I was a Group leader in Free Radical Photobiology and Cancer at the RAFT Institute of Plastic Surgery in Mount Vernon Hospital in Northwood (Middlesex). I remain an 'Honorary Principal Investigator at RAFT'.

At RAFT I initiated and directed research into Ultraviolet-A (UVA) oxidative stress mechanisms in skin and its cellular and molecular components, to understand photodamage by this part of the UV spectrum and to study the relation of free-radical-damage to the induction of DNA damage and skin cancer, particularly melanoma. Free-radical-damage was studied using electron-spin-resonance spectroscopy. Please click the following link (ESR) to see the impact of my work at RAFT. A component to the research was to measure the effectiveness of sunscreens and the natural sunscreen melanin in protecting skin against free radical damage.

I also briefly joined the Vascular Physiology unit at UCL in an international research programme to investigate free radicals and oxidative stress in relation to heart disease (2011-2012).

There are 21 publications resulting from my scientific research work.     Linked In 

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Chiang SC, Meagher M, Kassouf N, Hafezparast M, McKinnon PJ, Haywood R and El-Khamisy SF. Mitochondrial protein-linked DNA breaks perturb mitochondrial gene transcription and trigger free radical-induced DNA damage. Sci Adv. 2017 Apr 28;3(4):e1602506. doi: 10.1126/sciadv.1602506. eCollection 2017 Apr

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