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My latest book published by TSL Publications is 'Ezzy the Virus' which is an informative and entertaining book about the 'life' cycle of a virus. This book is for parents to read with children to help children to understand the current coronavirus pandemic situation, and why our behaviour has to be so radically changed at the moment.

      Musician and Author, Ezra Williams, allowed me to use his 'childhood face' to create Ezzy. Click this link to hear Ezra talking about Ezzy the Virus and his own books...

Available online from  TSL Books    Waterstones     lulu (ebook)

The Adventures of George and Flora    

In 'The Old Village Cat', George and Flora learn there is a new world outside their safe home. Suitable for children aged 2-4.
Available from  TSL Publications       lulu (ebook)         


Author reads the beginning of 'The Old Village Cat'.

In 'Storytime', the Old Village cat prepares the kittens for a new world outside 

their safe home. Suitable for children aged 4-7.


George and Flora are two cats who think themselves human. In 'Beyond the Cat Flap' the cats settle in to their new home and discover the neighbourhood. Suitable for children aged 7+ (and some adults). 


Available online from            lulu        TSL Publications       

Waterstones     Amazon 

In 'He

ad to the Country', we join them in their discovery of the Yorkshire Dales, meeting rats, horses, squirrels and the circus. Suitable for children aged 7+


Author reads the beginning of 'Head to the Country'.